What size storage units do you have?
We have a variety of sizes available to meet any need you may have. All are ground-floor with easy drive-up access. Browse through Rent Storage for current availability at affordable storage prices.

Do you have anything available today?
Click on Rentals to see all our storage sizes and prices. Select the size you need and follow the prompts to complete your online rental.

I’m at the gate and forgot my access code.
Log into your Account on www.chimneycornersselfstorage.com to retrieve your access code.

What kind of lock should I use?
We recommend a round disc lock: its hidden shank provides greater security than a padlock.

Can I rent storage online?
Yes! Our website has been redesigned to accommodate online rentals, and the process is safe and secure. Rent online with your computer or mobile device.

Can I rent by the month?
Yes, most people do. We use autopay for monthly rentals. We offer 6- and 12-month pre-pay discounts for renters who know they need long-term storage. All rent payments are non-refundable, and no portion of any unused rent is returned.

Is there anything I can’t store?
Not everything is meant to be stored away. Avoid the storage of food and other perishable items, as this can attract pests. Don’t store weapons, ammunition, or explosives, as these are very dangerous and should be stored in the right medium.

Can I reserve storage for later?
No. All rentals take effect as soon as you complete the online rental process. We don’t hold units for a future move-in or guarantee that the size you want will be available later, but we’ll happily let you know how many we have and in what size and give you a heads up as we get low.

Can I store a car at Chimney Corners Self Storage?
Yes. We offer vehicle storage and you’re welcome to store vehicles that are in running condition, insured, and titled to you. Place an impermeable tarp under the vehicle – even if it’s never leaked – to protect the floor.

Will a 5×10 (or 10×15, etc.) be big enough for my (fill in the blank)?
The Storage Calculator will help you determine the storage space you need. About one-third of our customers underestimate the size they need, so please use the calculator unless a professional mover has told you what size to rent.

Do you have drive-up storage?
Yes. The curved driveway will accommodate a 20-foot-long truck, and the aisles are 20 feet wide. An 18-wheeler can drive into the facility and park while movers carry items.

Do I need tenant insurance for my stored items?
You don’t have to, but it is recommended. Check your insurance provider to make sure your belongings are covered.

How often do I have access to my things?
Our office is unmanned, so entry through our electronic gates is available 24/7.

I need more information…
E-mail us: info@chimneycornersselfstorage.com
Call us: 802-891-6455

Let us give you great customer service.